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Specialties Include: 

Marriage Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

Relational Issues

Family Conflict

Childhood Trauma



Stress Management

Life Transitions

Divorce and Co-Parenting



Dede has a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and works with both couples and adult individuals. She helps clients navigate a multitude of issues as they relate to the family system and individual/personal growth.

Dede uses an integrative approach borrowing from Attachment Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Mindfulness-Based, Solution Focused, and Cognitive Based Therapy to provide thorough treatment for the whole person. The blending of these techniques allow clients to heal past wounds, gain emotional awareness and develop skills to create more peace of mind and better connection.

Relationships are the cornerstone of the work she does with clients. Our life experiences deeply influence our mental health and quality of life. These relational connections or disconnections make up who we are. She believes her job is to help clients take notice and better acknowledge both 'self' (and others/partners) from a new perspective that sparks compassion, appreciation, and vulnerability.

"I am not here to tell you right from wrong or lend advice, but instead be a translator of the unspoken or overlooked that I’ve gathered through observation. My philosophy stems from the hope “may all that have life be delivered from suffering”. And with my support, may he/she/they do not suffer alone. There is so much potential and relief in sharing and I hope to provide a safe space to do just that. I care for the relationship with my clients more than anything else." 

Outside of therapy, Dede leads group fitness classes to inspire joyful movement and help others feel confident in their own skin. Her favorite pastime activities are hiking, live music, and trying new restaurants. She hopes to see more traveling and owning a tiny home on wheels in her future! 

Dede is currently fulfilling the Tennessee licensure requirement of post-masters supervision and is receiving supervision from Lindsey Castleman, LMFT.

Dede Rowan: About Me
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