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Couples Therapy

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Is Your Partnership Struggling?


  • Are you and your partner finding it difficult to communicate?

  • Has betrayal, trauma from the past, or another change in circumstances worsened the cycle of conflict between you?

  • Does it feel as though you and your partner no longer understand one another or share the same goals?

No matter how smoothly a relationship might start off, there is always a potential for tension and disagreement among partners. Conflict is normal and even necessary at times, but many couples do not know how to communicate effectively—especially when there is added stress on the relationship.

Maybe the two of you have differing values and/or attachment styles, creating barriers in your ability to express your needs to each other. Or perhaps something has happened to make you question or trust your partner. If there has been a betrayal, which may include infidelity, substance abuse, or a gambling addiction, it’s possible that resentment has clouded your view of the relationship, making you wonder if a sustainable future is even possible. 

When Relationships Suffer, So Do The People In Them


Relational issues have a way of complicating our lives as individuals. Disconnection from our partners can lead to loneliness, frustration, anger, pain, and hopelessness. Especially if children are involved, relational conflict between partners can impact the family dynamic as a whole. It’s a lot to manage our individual lives as is—trying to juggle familial responsibilities while navigating interpersonal conflict with our partners can feel downright impossible. The result is often a relationship that feels strained, lackluster, and devoid of meaningful connection.


Yet, our therapists aim to cultivate an atmosphere where you and your partner both can feel heard, seen, and respected. Through couples therapy, you can develop a new understanding of yourselves and your partnership as you learn how to express yourself and get your needs met in a way that fosters closeness, intimacy, and mutual appreciation. Let’s join together in the counseling space to figure out what your relationship needs to thrive. 

The Cycle Of Conflict Can Force Couples Into A Rut


When couples encounter challenges with communication, intimacy, and/or betrayal—which are all very common issues—each partner can begin to develop the belief that if their partnership could just overcome this one thing, then their bond will be fixed for good. However, the reality is that certain conflicts are inevitable, and it’s essential for both partners to have strong communication and conflict-resolution skills in order for the relationship to thrive. 

A trained, empathetic couples counselor offers an objective, third-party perspective on the relationship that partners likely won’t be able to access on their own. By working with both partners to ensure that each person is being heard and understood in the counseling space, a couples therapist can help to slow down and dismantle ineffective communication patterns. Armed with new insights and skills for managing distress, couples can develop an entirely new way of relating in therapy. 

Nashville Counseling Associates Welcomes Couples Of All Experiences To Therapy


We aim to make the counseling space a safe environment where you and your partner can become vulnerable to explore the issues you face as a couple. Our goal is to foster empathy and non-judgment in a way that will ultimately increase understanding and awareness between you and your partner so you can reduce the cycle of conflict. 

We welcome couples of all backgrounds, identities, and narratives to the counseling space, including those who identify as LGBTQIA+. As therapists committed to providing culturally competent, effective support, our couples counselors are also well versed in issues of sex and intimacy. Additionally, we offer premarital therapy and discernment counseling services for couples who are either considering marriage or divorce. 

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What To Expect In Couples Therapy


Couples therapy will begin with an exploration of your history as a couple. Your therapist will help you develop individual insights into your early attachments, previous relationships, hopes, needs, patterns, and betrayals. An assessment will be done to identify both the strengths and challenges you share as a couple before focusing on the underlying issues adversely impacting the relationship. From there, we will begin to peel back the layers of what happens when conflict arises with the goal of cultivating self-regulating techniques to slow down and reduce escalation. 

Our therapists use a variety of theories, techniques and methods depending on the needs of the client. One such method is the highly effective model of the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy. Using the Gottman Method, your therapist will guide you in building what’s called a “relationship house,” or a strong foundation for a sustainable connection. You will do this by collaborating with your partner on a blueprint toward a stronger friendship, increased fondness and admiration, effective conflict management, and shared goals. The long-term objective of this approach is for each partner to feel securely held and cared for while also cultivating a relationship that can thrive on its own outside of the therapy space. 

Premarital Counseling


If you are a couple considering marriage, therapy will look a little different. This is typically an exciting time, and premarital counseling is designed to prepare clients for their upcoming journey! 

Our experienced couples counselors are trained in many techniques such as the highly structured SYMBIS Assessment. With this tool premarital couples spend 6 to 8 sessions in counseling working to better understand the compatibility of each other’s personality and worldview. Taking into consideration matters of social support, finances, and family dynamics, the therapist may identify areas of potential conflict in the future so that couples can continue to foster healthy communication and conflict-resolution techniques. According to SYMBIS, couples who participate in premarital counseling get divorced at a rate of 31 percent less than those who do not. [2]

Discernment Counseling


Alternatively, if you are a couple who is considering separation or divorce, the therapy process will be used to determine how, exactly, to move forward with the relationship. There are many paths towards health at this stage in the relationship. Some of our therapists utilize Bill Doherty’s proven discernment method. Using this method, the goal is to get on the same page about whether you want to commit to counseling, keep the status quo, or begin the separation process in a healthy, amicable way.


Therapy Is Tailored To The Unique Challenges You Face As A Couple


No matter what brings you to counseling, our therapists will ensure that the appropriate interventions are used to help both of you reach your goals. We are confident that as long as you are willing to show up and do the work, there is hope for the relationship. As you work together to reset and rebuild the foundation you share together, a stronger, healthier, thriving relationship is within reach. 

Common Concerns About Couples Counseling…


I am not sure that couples counseling can help us. 

If you and/or your partner are skeptical that therapy can help, we encourage you to lean in and trust this process. Simply showing up is a sign of hope and forward momentum, and the methods we use are proven. The Gottman Method offers an excellent support structure for maximizing strengths and developing necessary skills for improving challenging areas. 

That said, if you still believe that separation or divorce is on the horizon, then discernment counseling can be a deeply meaningful intervention in this process. We will work with you to determine how to move forward together in a way that reduces the potential for wounding, even if you decide to separate. 


Things get so heated when my partner and I argue—I don’t feel comfortable bringing up conflict in the counseling space.

Our couples therapists are trained, empathetic professionals who are committed to fostering an environment that is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually safe for all of our clients. We will be sure to balance each partner’s needs so that couples can better process and communicate their thoughts, emotions, and conflicts. 


Couples therapy is too expensive. 

Counseling is certainly an investment, but the health of your relationship is worth it! The couples work we accomplish in therapy can apply to all the relationships in your life, including those with your family, friends, and coworkers.

Forest Trees

Let’s Get To Work On Rebuilding The Foundation Of Your Relationship


At Nashville Counseling Associates, our therapists work with couples who are struggling in their relationship, whether they are considering marriage, separation, or just in need of new communication tactics. For more information or to schedule a session, contact us.

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